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 About me

Born and raised in Baja California Mexico, I developed a fascination for photography thanks to the beautiful landscapes the Baja Peninsula has to offer.

As I grew up my profession as a Civil Engineer has given me the opportunity to work in different places where I had a chance to experience different landscapes (deserts, subtropical mountains, sierras, Rockies).


Finally settling in Edmonton Canada, I had a chance to visit Banff and Jasper that's when I knew I had to take my passion for photography to the next level. The magnificence of the Canadian Rockies landscapes was astonishingly.


Then came the summer and with that I experience my first Edmonton Festival Season. So colorful and with such a rich mosaic of cultures living all together I decided to start capturing people thru my lens.


Here I am now enjoying life thru my camera, would you let me help you enjoy your life thru my photography?


Best Regards,


Emilio I. Carballido

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Email:                                   Phone: (780)504-1229

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